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EHS Policy Programme

EHS Policy Programme

Harmonious coexistence with natural environment

The company always puts environmental protection in an important position and seeks harmony with the natural environment.

The products selected by the company belong to encouragement projects. The company's products are closely related to the people's quality of life and it transforms dangerous chemicals into non-dangerous chemicals.

The company continuously strengthens environmental protection management.

The company has invested more than 10 million yuan in two consecutive wastewater treatment projects, which has sufficient capacity to ensure that production wastewater meets the discharge standards. The company still has a odor control device to make the production area odorless although it produces very small odor.

Flowers are everywhere in the factory area. Reeds are dense in the drainage pool at the entrance. Fish are shallow in the bottom. The factory area is clean and tidy. The company is a standard garden enterprise.

The process has been changed from intermittent to continuous due to the continuous pursuit of technological progress. It hardly produces waste water while the new process improves the quality of products.

Rational utilization of production resources

Most of the raw materials needed for the company's products are downstream petroleum products, and the supply is guaranteed. However, the technology is still improved, and we need to reduce costs and improve product yield. The basic chemical raw materials are made into high-end living or industrial products. The yield is 99.5%, and the raw materials are almost zero waste. The company is located in a large agricultural county with abundant labor resources. It provides employment opportunities to more and more people about the continuous development of the company, which improves income and living standards of the local people.

Win-win cooperation with suppliers and customers

"Integrity-based, win-win cooperation" has always been the company's business purpose. It is our goal to make the polyurethane industry bigger and stronger by cooperating with upstream and downstream customers.