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Employee story

Employee story

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Cherish the post, do our duty

At the beginning of August, the company leaders organized all the staff to study. I also fortunately participated in the study. Through intense study and communication, I benefited a lot. I had a deep answer to some doubts and confusions before. In Gaoqing, we China's employee income level is very few. The company not only allows us to meet the family's material needs, but also gives us the opportunity to continue to learn and improve. In light of my own situation, I have been rethinking my own work history. In this process, I have the joy of success, and there are some confusions and troubles. In the joys and sorrows, I ask myself whether I have done a good employee. I am not trying to be a good employee. If not, how can I do it? Looking back, the deepest insights are as follows:

First, cherish the post must be fearful; to cherish our current work, it is not easy to find a job, not to mention the company gave the staff such a good treatment, some people look at the mountain, no place is absolutely Fair, absolutely perfect. However, as an employee, no matter where you go, obeying company management is indeed the eternal truth. If you can't do this, you won't be able to do it. In the face of today's huge social pressure, there is a positive platform. It is not easy to have a stable job, and we have never owed us a day's salary. I think we should cherish this job.

Second, cherish the post from time to time to reflect on themselves; Zeng Zikai: I am the three provinces, that is, people must always reflect on themselves, reflect on mistakes, find gaps, make up for the shortcomings, before I feel that I am right, no mistakes, through this After learning, I realized that it was not a big picture of myself, considering personal interests and not considering the company system. In the future work, we must take the company system as the principle, the company's interests as the scale, strictly demand ourselves, and do our best in our own positions.

Third, cherish the post must have a team spirit; in reality, some people perfunctory, there are interests in the past, the responsibility of the matter to draw back, the post as a mixed matter, the accident as a job, some people Take the post as a chip, and if you are not satisfied, you will pick it up. I forgot that the company gave us the platform to let us grow, forget the fundamentals, and there is no company to come to us. As the teacher said, a talent, no attitude, and strong ability is also a clerk, not to mention that we are just an ordinary employee, we should always be grateful and do our own work. Being a good screw is also an amazing thing.

Fourth, cherish the position to understand the responsibility; always hold the attitude of always taking the interests of the company as the big, when the company needs us, no matter which position, we should accept it. The company is our food and clothing parents. To mobilize the position is that the company needs us. We have no right to deny. We only have the obligation to accept it. We always work where we need to move.

Cherishing a post is a kind of responsibility, a kind of commitment, a kind of spirit, and an obligation. Only when you cherish the post can you love and work hard. If a person can't do even the essential work, how can he be dedicated? It should be said that dedication is the foundation of dedication. , music industry is the premise of dedication, diligence is the foundation of dedication. Before giving, we must do our job well and improve our work. In short, the job gives us a happy life. We must do our part to do our job well.

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